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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of resources can I access?
    • Popular magazine articles
    • Research journal articles
    • Newspaper articles
    • Digitized special collections from Oregon colleges and universities, such as photographs, manuscripts, diaries, and unpublished material
    • Job skills development tools
    • 24/7 chat, e-mail, or text with a librarian


  2. What kind of questions can I ask a librarian?
    • Help with homework and research projects
    • Information you need to do projects like gardening, woodworking, or car repair
    • Answers to quick questions like What is the capital of Iran?, What movie won best picture at the Oscars in 1975?, or What was the average price of Xerox stock in 1980?
    • Book recommendations for you, your children, other family members, and friends
    • Locations and contact information for local businesses, restaurants, shops, and other community resources you need to find
    • Ask any questions!


  3. What is a database?

    A video explanation of library research databases can be found on the OSLIS web site

  4. What can I do to promote Libraries of Oregon in my community?

    Feel free to download our promotional materials to print and use locally, or contact support@librariesoforegon.org to request printed copies for distribution to unserved areas


  6. Who do I contact if I have questions about this site?

    Please contact support@librariesoforegon.org