Oregon Library Passport Program: Benefits for Libraries

Why participate in the Oregon Library Passport Program?

  1. To Better Serve Your Patrons -- Your library’s participation makes them eligible to borrow from other Passport libraries.
  2. Provide Greater Access-- As part of the Oregon Library Passport Program, you can provide your patrons with access to library materials and services wherever they are in Oregon, whenever it is convenient for them.
  3. To Augment Your Collections and Services -- Participation allows your library to expand access to materials and services for your patrons without purchasing more materials or increasing hours.
  4. Increased Circulation -- Increase usage of your library materials and resources by patrons from other Passport Libraries.
  5. Provide Added Value -- Participation in the Passport Program increases the value of the Participating Library to its patrons.
  6. Patron Driven -- Participation doesn’t require any changes to circulation policies unless desired by the Participating Library.
    • All transactions must take place physically at the Participating Library (there is no interlibrary delivery mechanism). Patrons are responsible for picking up and returning all materials to the lending library to avoid overdue fees.
    • Participating Libraries are allowed to set their own limits on use by Passport patrons even if these limits are different and more restrictive than those for local patrons.
  7. No Fees -- There are no membership costs to your library or local government.
  8. Voluntary -- It doesn’t require binding intergovernmental agreements.
  9. Support and Promotion -- Promotional materials and maintenance of the Passport Program website are provided by the Oregon State Library and Oregon Library Association.
  10. Build Goodwill -- Participation by adjacent libraries can build goodwill with residents and local governments, and may lay the foundation for greater interagency cooperation.